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“ECQA Certified Applied Sustainability and CSR Professional” Information Website

Sustainability and CSR management have become a hot topic worldwide. Demand for qualified experts in these trend-setting areas is high.

However, necessary qualifications and skills of CSR and sustainability managers have hardly been defined and vary significantly within the EU and also worldwide.

Offers for training and education on these topics are similarly heterogeneous and confusing to people tasked with introducing, implementing, or improving sustainability and CSR management in their corporations and organizations.

The new ECQA certificate for the ECQA Certified Applied Sustainability & CSR Professional meets the demand for an international, EU-wide personal certificate.

Skill Card

The Job Role Committee for the ECQA Certified Applied Sustainability & CSR Professional has developed a standardized skill card with qualifications and skills needed by sustainability and CSR managers in theory and in practice in order to successfully implement and manage CSR and sustainability in their organizations.


The exam is open to everybody – it is not bound to any particular education or degree. To perform a free self-test you may register once under “Exam Registration and Login” at the ECQA Website. The “Registration Guide for Exam Participants” will guide self-testers in multiple languages.


Trainings are offered by ECQA Certified Training organisations, with ECQA certified trainers.


For further information and advice on topics such as training and education possibilities please contact Gabriele Sauberer. Gabriele initiated the establishment of the Job Role Committee for the ECQA Certified Applied Sustainability & CSR Professional. As Vice President of the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA), she is responsible for processes and organizational development of ECQA.